Corporate Social Investment

Grandslots contributed to a whopping 22 provincial beneficiaries contributing towards health, education and community development in the Western Cape with contributions totaling over R3.3million during 2015.

Beautiful Gate Ministry

Contributed R200 000.

Assists disadvantaged children, creates a safe environment and empowers families and communities to take care of their children through the development and provision of Christ-centred training, education and discipline.

Breede Valley Association for person with disabilities

Contributed R200 000.

The centre assists with providing educational development, physical development, training, stimulation and care for 21 children with disabilities in a community long deprived of these resources.

Child Welfare SA Helderberg

Contributed R100 000.

The Organisations main focus is the protection of children, but also include raising awareness of how children can keep themselves safe and how communities need to be caring for and protecting other children.

Children A'Loud

Contributed R150 000.

Assists disadvantaged students from primary or secondary schools in Ocean View keeping them busy and off the streets.

Die Eiland Huis

Contributed R150 000.

The house cares for and trains intellectually challenged children and adolescents.

Durbanville Children's Home

Contributed R100 000.

The home assists vulnerable children and orphans by offering them a safe, therapeutic environment and also cater for emotional, Psychoeducation and social needs of all children.

Elim House

Contributed R70 500.

Assists children and adults with physical disabilities by upgrading their living atmosphere, ensures they have transport to take them to their medical appointments as well as emergency care.

Elkana Childcare

Contributed R150 000.

Elkana provides temporary safe care and protection to 40 children per annum from broken homes, traumatised children in urgent need of care and protection. They also provide an afterschool care programme where children from the community are provided with food and facilities to do homework.

Els Autism

Contributed R25 520.

Aims to provide families across the globe with the best practice interventions and support, empowers parents and caregivers by teaching them how to teach their children. Each session is designed to promote parents independence using online tools.

Epilepsy SA Educational Trust

Contributed R100 000.

Advocacy and human rights development and is initiated via training programmes at the individual trainer level. They also offer social development services such as counselling, health and welfare, services, child and youth development and life skills training.

Friends Day Centre

Contributed R100 000.

Assists children and young adults with severe mental and physical disabilities.

Gabriela Centre

Contributed R100 000.

It is a facility for children and young adults with profound physical and intellectual disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. The centre provides 24-hour care in a home from the home environment along with unlimited patience and unconditional love.

Girls and Boys Town

Contributed R100 000.

Creates opportunities for youth to shine, grown and develop into responsible citizen and be able to contribute to family and community life in the spirit of peace, dignity, equality and solidarity with others.

Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust

Contributed R100 000.

Ikamva Labantu is a pioneer in supporting community preschools, compassionate women created community preschools, offering children safe spaces in their homes while their parents worked.

Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu

Contributed R100 000.

Ikamva Youth gives access to quality tutorials and career guidance. They provide after-school support for grade 8-12 learners in order to improve their academic outcome. Their model uses peer-based support, group tuition, grade 12 mentoring. They also provide access to computers and ed-tech products.

Inspire Children and Youth Trust

Contributed R10 000.

Inspire rural people to achieve and create safe spaces for children and young people who thrive. They provide food, shelter and a wide range of activities/ project to help restore human dignity on rural farms.

James House

Contributed R195 225.

James House aims to uplift the community by providing psychological support to the children and families who suffer from severe traumas of substance abuse, unemployment and neglect.

Jelly Beanz

Contributed R100 000.

The Organisations assist children from underprivileged communities that have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect including their caregivers and professionals that work with children.

Educate 2 Empower

Contributed R100 000.

The organisation is dedicated to serving people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) offering programs and resources to support individuals, educating and serving children and adults with autism to help them achieve their highest level of independence in their homes and community.

Karin Kortje Foundation

Contributed R50 000.

Empowers young people who want to carve a career in the arts especially in the music industry.

Khayelitsha Hospital

Contributed R220 000.

Khayelitsha District Hospital is in an area predominantly Xhosa speaking with a high unemployment rate. The patients receive free healthcare services to the majority of the patients.

Nine Miles Projects

Contributed R100 000.

The organisation works with youth in coastal informal settlements and provides mentorship to at-risk youth in the areas of Cape Town, Elands Bay and St Francis Bay. The children attend literacy and empowerment programmes 6 days a week in Cape Town and received meals and snacks.

Nomonde 2 Educare Centre

Contributed R53 000.

The centre cares for children around Khayelitsha, most of the parents are unemployed and some depend on social grants.

NorSA Community Care

Contributed R250 000.

Assists orphans and vulnerable children living in the township that are deprived of most of their basic needs. Norsa assist these children with cooked meals, health care programme, daycare centres and youth development.


Contributed R260 000.

Assists vulnerable young women ageing out of Children's Homes who are less likely to have high school diploma, assist them to pursue higher education or to earn a living wage.

Play Sport for Life

Contributed R50 000.

Their mission is to improve the lives and well beings of disadvantaged communities by providing athletic opportunities and using sports as a vehicle for a healthier lifestyle.


Contributed R200 000.

NOAH enables social pensioners to remain active, independent and purposeful in their homes and communities for as long as possible through the provision of communal housing, primary health care, social support and social enterprise development.

Salesian Institute Youth Project

Contributed R100 000.

Salesian Institute Youth Projects works in youth education and skills development, changing the lives of vulnerable children and youth-at-risk in and around Cape Town. They offer support, life skills, and vocational training.

Sisters Incorporated

Contributed R150 000.

Sisters Incorporated is a home for abused women and their children, rape survivors and pregnant women considering putting their babies up for adoption. They aim to help the women in our care to heal therapeutically from what they have experienced, assist them to equip themselves to enter the job market and take up the threads of their lives when it is time for them to re-enter the community.

Siyazana Youth Development Fund

Contributed: R119 000.

Aiming to improve the lives of previously disadvantaged children and youth.

South African Education and Sustainability (SAYEs)

Contributed R200 000.

They work with vulnerable and neglected youth populations in transition from Child and Youth Care Centres (children's homes) and high schools, matching them with volunteer mentors to deliver targeted interventions known to create differences we can measure.

St Helena Sandveld Hospice

Contributed R135 000.

Assist terminally ill and their families living in the hospice.

South African Education Project (SAEP)

Contributed R130 000.

Assist learners from primary school level through high school, post-matric and into tertiary. ECD beneficiaries are principals of creches and daycares and indirectly children enrolled in the facilities.

St Joseph’s Home

Contributed R120 000.

St Josephs provide educational services to chronically ill learners with a vast spectrum of special needs, including children with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome as well as medical conditions.

Steps Charity

Contributed R200 000.

Assists babies with birth defects such as clubfoot up to 5 years.

The Umtshayelo Foundation

Contributed R135 000.

Provide skills development program to empower young and unemployed women.

The Women's Hope, Education and Training Trust

Contributed R185 000.

The trust was founded to support women-led organisation through promoting a culture of giving where women enjoy their human rights and have access to education, training and sustainable income.

Tygerberg Children's Hospital Trust

Contributed R100 000.

Assists and support mother and child patients with child and family centre, research and development, leadership and educational training.

Ubuntu 4 All

Contributed R70 000.

Provides educational and social support to vulnerable children, youth and families.

Usapho Foundation

Contributed R100 000.

Assists families who need empowerment through workshops, counselling and community engagements.

Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association

Contributed R132 000.

The WCCPA provides social development services for people with Cerebral Palsy and their families. They incorporate a clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of children, who are servery and profoundly disabled, a protective employment workshop for adults and an occupational therapy day programme for adults. The Cerebral Palsy clinic provides holistic, compassionate family-based services where children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

The Pebbles Project Trust

Contributed R97 800.

Assist children and families living in rural farming areas ensures that they have access to a high standard of education, health, social and recreational services- focusing on the less accessible regions.

More Projects

Western Cape Fire Fighters Association R 50 000
Xstitch NPO R 90 000
Peace Haven Senior Citizen Services Centre R 90 000
Indigenous Pride Africa R 50 000
Carly Jordan Foundation R50 000

Angels Resource Centre

Contributed R125 000.

The centre is established for the public benefit and with the aim to do business skills training and create resource centres and to empower rural and micro-entrepreneurs through business skills training and provide ongoing support.

Atlantic Hope

Contributed R120 000.

Their mission is to provide emergency shelter for babies who have been abandoned, removed from their guardian for various reasons and waiting for fostering and/or adoption.

Beautiful Gate

Contributed R150 000.

Assist disadvantaged children, create a safe environment and empower families and communities to take care of their children through the development and provision of Christ-centred  training, education and discipline.

Camissa Solutions

Contributed R300 000.

Camissa Experiences is an event design and event operating business. The core business is the design and implementation of events. These events capitalize on the tourism attributes and other unique selling propositions that host (rural) communities offer to tourists.

Carel Du Toit Trust

Contributed R180 000.

Assist hearing impaired children between 4 - 10 years  and their parents from low or non-income households by teaching deaf children to hear, speak, acquire knowledge and language and also assist children to thrive in hearing society.

Character Company

Contributed R100 000.

The primary goal of the company is to mentor young boys growing with absent fathers to become good men, they groom some of them to become "big brothers" and achieve long term goal, mentoring and relationship building, instill specific values (kindness, courage, self-discipline, honesty and respect).

Childline Western Cape

Contributed R105 000.

Assist children who have been or are at risk of being abused, sexually assaulted and/ or raped, trauma, bereavement, their parents/caregivers/guardians and other professionals who work with children.

Durbanville Children's Home

Contributed R100 000.

The home assists vulnerable children and orphans by offering them with a safe, therapeutic environment and also cater for emotional, psychoeducational and social needs of all children.

Educo Africa

Contributed R110 000.

Educo Africa is a non-profit youth development organization working within South Africa. Their vision is that of young people understanding their roles as powerful agents of change actively, confidently and positively contributing towards a better global community.

Elim Home

Contributed R 75 000.

Assist 50 children and adults with mental and physical disabilities with 3 meals a day, clinic visits, dental care and Pep Tube replacements.


Contributed R114 000.

After school care facility focusing on academic and other stimulating programmes, also addresses holistic child development to vulnerable and traumatised children in urgent need of care and protection.

Friends Day Centre

Contributed R230 000.

Special care, activity and therapy centre for children and adults with severe to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Caters for 120 learners age 2 to 44.

Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu

Contributed R200 000.

Ikamva Youth gives access to quality tutorials and career guidance. They provide after-school support for grade 8-12 learners in order to improve their academic outcome. Their model uses peer-based support, group tuition, grad 12 mentoring. They also provide access to computers and ed-tech products.

Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA)

Contributed R260 000.

To improve education outcomes focusing solely on improving curriculum content knowledge of teachers, particularly Mathematics, Science and Literacy. This will be provided to educators at Windmeul and Van Wykslei Primary School.

Helderberg Hospice

Contributed R30 000.

The hospice provides skilled and compassionate care to all persons living in Helderberg Community who are facing a life-threatening illness.

James House

Contributed R150 000.

Provides therapeutic care and counselling to abused, abandoned or neglected children between the ages of 7 and 18.

Karin Kortje Foundation

Assist young people who want to carve a career in arts, especially in the music industry to preserve South African Arts Heritage.

Learn to Earn

Contributed R200 000.

Learn to earn assist unemployed youth by giving them training, life skills and work readiness training.

Nederburg Primary

Contributed R200 000.

The school is a no-school fee school, request assistance with computers that will make the teaching of language and maths easier and will lead to improved results in these subjects using an integrated ICT approach.

Nomonde 2 Educare Centre

Contributed R30 000.

The centre cares for children around Khayelitsha, most of the parents are unemployed and some depend on social grants.

QuadPara Association

Contributed R70 000.

QASA’s function is to serve quadriplegics, paraplegics and the disability sector in general in whatever capacity our members find most constructive. The organisation aims to assist people with mobility impairments to lead independent lives with a decent standard of living, in areas ranging from personal care and assistive devices to adequate skills development and employment.

South African Youth Education for Sustainability

Contributed R100 000.

SAYes work with vulnerable and neglected youth in transition from child and youth care centres matching them with volunteer mentors to deliver targeted interventions known to create a difference. The assistance will cover the costs for recruiting, screening and supporting volunteer mentors and mentees for a year.

Siyazana Youth Development Fund

Contributed R99 000.

Aiming to improve the lives of previously disadvantaged children and youth.

Christian Feeding Centre

Contributed R100 000.

The centre assist children and youth with basic nutrition.

Camphill Farm Community

Contributed R150 000.

They provide residential care and support to adults with an intellectual and physical disability.

Beaconvale Community Frail

Contributed R100 000.

The centre provides frail care residents with the finest possible physical, emotional and psychosocial care as well as comprehensive services.

Die Eiland Huis

Contributed R75 000.

The house cares and trains intellectually challenged children and adolescents.

Prosthetics' Assist

Contributed R50 000.

The organisation assists people with disabilities to acquire the necessary prosthesis.

O.W.L. Haven Shelter

Contributed R100 000.

Assist dysfunctional adults and homeless persons with multi-problem personalities to become functional again in society, restore their human dignity by way of comprehensive social work services and developmental rehabilitation programmes, which include skills training projects and life skills programmes.

Cape Mental Health

Contributed: R100 000.

Assist youth and adults with intellectual disability with skills training and employment creation programme at four training workshops.


Sisters Incorporated

Contributed R180 000.

Sisters Incorporated aims to help every woman, teenager and child in crisis heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also offer help, hope and a home that provides shelter and a safe haven for abused women and their children. They also offer counselling, skills training and help with children.

Rape Crisis Helderberg

Contributed R200 000.

Rape Crisis is committed to helping victims of rape and abuse overcome their trauma through caring counselling. Their main purpose is to put back the pieces of lives shattered through sexual violence.

Cape Mental Health

Contributed R220 000
Training Workshops Unlimited

Cape Mental Health provides or facilitates comprehensive, proactive and enabling mental health care services in the Western Cape.  They are committed to challenging socially restrictive and discriminatory practices affecting the mental health of all people.

Owl Haven

Contributed R250 000
Renovations in order to be able to accommodate more people

"The OWL Haven Shelter had received a major make over!!! A paint project was held on 22nd December 2018. It proved to be a fun and exciting experience for all involved. Thank you to the Youth of the Sathya Sai Organization, staff, residents of the shelter for making it possible! If you as a community know of anyone who could assist with sponsoring a new signage do let us know!!! We at the OWL Haven Shelter wish you 'A Blessed and Merry Christmas' God riches blessings be upon you." - O.W.L Haven Shelter

Durbanville Children's Home

Towards a bridging programme for young adults leaving their care

Durbanville Children’s Home, a haven for 144 vulnerable children, is one of the oldest children’s homes in South Africa, dating back to 1883. The home has the experience and ability to develop, implement, evaluate and sustain innovative programmes that are based on the unique needs of our children.

The Durbanville Children’s Home fills the gap in service-provision for vulnerable children by using dedicated, professional services to support children in need of care and their families, with the aim of restoring them to a healthy family relationship.

Educo Trust of Africa

Contributed R111 200
Training and engaging 36 young people from rural communities

Educo Africa is a non-profit youth development organization working within South Africa. Our vision is that of young people understanding their roles as powerful agents of change actively, confidently and positively contributing towards a better global community. Founded in 1994 Educo Africa celebrates 22 years of delivering experiential learning programmes to young people.

Our core methodology is experiential learning, with two phases. The first, a deeply transformational process takes place in the Wilderness Mountains areas of our country, the second is a youth network supporting young people in leading change in economic participation, social wellness and environmental sustainability.

Atlantic Hope

Contributed R16 000
Running costs

Atlantic Hope aims to provide safe, temporary and emergency care for vulnerable babies below the age of 1 year. These babies have been abandoned, removed from biological parents because of drug related reasons, neglected and/or abused and require care until such time as alternative permanent care has been sought and arranged.

They provide basic developmental, physical and mental care. Medical needs are prioritised, and babies are fed, kept warm, and given affection in a stable environment.

Atlantic Hope is legally approved to house up to six babies at one time, for short stays. They look to accommodate more babies for longer stays, providing care whilst legal decisions and proceedings determining the child’s future are conducted. This vision would require larger premises as currently we operate out of the founder’s home.

Wheelchair Tennis South Africa

Contributed R200 000
Training sessions and tournaments

From mid 2018 Wheelchair Tennis SA was fortunate enough to have confirmed Grand Slots as a sponsor for our Wheelchair Tennis community programmes in the Western Cape.The sponsorship covers community coaching clinics, monitoring the centre, access to national events and some consumables.As a result of the sponsorship Wheelchair Tennis in the Western Cape is getting a boost, existing centres are continuing their coaching while new centres have also been opened.

While visiting Cape Town Archie introduced coach Dlanga to Astra School where they met the principle as well as ran a fun introductory programme for the learners at Astra School. The introduc-tory session catered for 10 learners and was 2 hours long. The school however indicated that they had around 20 learners who would be interested in joining the programme from January.

8 chairs were delivered to Cape Town for the Delft and Astra Centres, and 10 chairs were checked and repaired in Khayalitscha. Of the 10, 9 were motivation chairs and 1 was Gwija’s white chair.

South African Education and Environment Project

Contributed R90 000
The funding of promise 90 students

South African Education Project (SAEP), also formerly known as the South African Education and Environment Project, prepares children and youth at key stages of their development, through education, life skills and psycho-social support.

Reaching more than 2500 youth, children and education providers each year, we offer several education support programmes, all of which have developed in response to specific needs expressed by learners, teachers or principals from the disadvantaged community of Philippi, Cape Town.

Our work increases access to quality Early Childhood Education and care, prepares young people to reach and succeed in university and the workplace and provides opportunities for high school learners personal development, including arts education, computer training, hikes and excursions, mentoring and psycho- social support.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme assists under-developed and nascent crèches develop into self-sustainable quality ECD centres.

Bridging Year (BY) prepares students from under-performing schools to manage the demands of tertiary education and successfully complete their courses. Tertiary Support (TS) Programme supports tertiary students from impoverished areas who are at risk of not being able to complete their studies.

Hope Scholars Programme provides intensive academic tutoring and personal development sessions to motivated grade 8 and 9 high school learners.

Learn to Earn

Contributed R250 000
Funding of 22 students for work in the hospitality industry in the Hermanus area

Learn to Earn is a skills development and job creation organisation seeking to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our skills development and training centres are based in vibrant Khayelitsha and the seaside town of Hermanus. Here, we endeavour to eradicate unemployment and other legacies of injustice in South Africa. Since 1989 we have trained more than 13 583 unemployed people with market-related skills.

We have seen over 83% of our graduates become economically active, with up to 20% starting their own businesses. Our students have the option of receiving tuition in Bake for ProfitBasic Cashier SkillsBasic Handyman SkillsBasic Hospitality SkillsBasic Office SkillsCall CentreGraphic Design Bridging CourseHome ManagementSewingSewing Production LineWoodwork, as well as Basic Computers and an 8-week long Business Skills course. Our newest training initiative is the Ground UP Academy whose aim is to train and equip unemployed people in becoming entry level Baristas. All of our courses also include a life skills aspect.

The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association

Contributed R132 000
The therapeutic intervention for children at De Heide Special Care Centre

De Heide Special Care Centre is a WCCPA project that responds to the needs of the most vulnerable groups in our society by engaging in significant programmes to address the discrimination suffered by children with profound disabilities.

Quadpara Association of the Western Cape (QAWC)

Contributed R87 069
The continuation of the QAWC accessible transport project

QAWC was started in 1981 by a group of wheelchair users who were frustrated by the lack of opportunities for people with disabilities.  This group of motivated individuals started to explore and implement projects and programmes aimed at improving the lives and circumstances of people with mobility impairments.

Iris House Children's Hospice

Contributed R218 900
Building costs

Iris House Children's Hospice provides free quality respite care, support for the family and training for carers and parents.  They also provide a very active social calendar for parents and siblings, giving families time to come together, make new friends and share experiences.

Rape Crisis Helderberg

Contributed R205 350
Payment of one quarter running cost

Rape Crisis is a registered non-profit organisation committed to helping victims of rape and abuse overcome their trauma through caring counselling amongst all the people in the Helderberg Basin and surroundings.  Their main purpose is to put back the pieces of lives shattered through sexual violence.

Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA)

Contributed R201 564
Support programme at Langabuya Primary School and Mbekweni Full-Service School Paarl

Inclusive Education South Africa's mission is to ensure that learners experiencing barriers to learning and their families, educators and service-providers, have access to information and are introduced to support networks and services that can facilitate inclusion into regular neighbourhood schools.  Their primary commitment is to serve those living in all provinces of South Africa, although they will share their knowledge and information beyond these boundaries as the resouces become available.

Karin Kortje Foundation

Contributed R142 800
Payment of Direct Cost for Overberg Project: Venue Hire, Subsistence and Transport

Karin Kortje Foundation believes that it will be the vehicle “to facilitate social inclusion, transcending past injustices and to promote economic progression.” Overbergs Got Talent, Diva & Maestro and Night with Stars are projects designed in such a way that it nurtures talents, empowers young people through REAL development of their passion and creates BIG stages where professional artists to guide, appear and perform with young people: THIS is what DREAMs are made of… this gives hope and inspires the desires to succeed and persevere.

Langa Cheshire Home

Contributed R198 000
Provision of 6 months shortfall of running cost

Langa Cheshire Home was established to provide residential accommodation in a nurturing environment as well as attending to the wellbeing of residents, both male and female, with severe permanent disabilities.

Epilepsy South African Educational Trust

Contributed R200 000
Funding of bursaries to students with epilepsy for tertiary education

The Epilepsy South Africa Educational Trust was established in December 1998.  The Trust exists solely to provide financial support for tertiary education to promising and talented students with epilepsy.  Although only able to provide part-time bursaries, the Trust's support to students has been making a life-changing difference for nearly two decades.

Sisters Incorporated

Contributed R300 000
Operational costs

Sisters Incorporated has been involved for approximately 58 years in rendering services to single ladies wanting to give babies up for adoption. In addition, for ± 30 years, we have been assisting rape survivors and victims’ (and their children) of domestic violence and abuse. These services rendered includes ladies coming from other provinces when it comes to light that they are in danger.

Solomon Haven

Contributed R276 000
Funds to be used towards purchase of a vehicle

Solomons Haven is caring for physically, mentally and sexually abused children, placed in our care by the Department of Social Development by means of a Court Order or Emergency Placement Order. Currently they provide permanent shelter to 22 children: 15 girls and 7 boys and some of them are being tested HIV+. Their ages range from as young as 2 years of age.

St Joseph's Home

Contributed R77 836
Shortfall for 2 beds

St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children (SJH) provides vital intermediate care between Hospital and home for vulnerable and disadvantaged children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses. Established in Cape Town by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters in 1935, SJH has developed a unique model of curative, palliative and rehabilitative care for the children from poor communities who are referred by state hospitals to complete their healing process.

Turfhall Cheshire Home

Contributed R200 000
Upliftment and repair of the building

This organisation aims to work in partnership with people with disabilities to provide residential accommodation and other community services that promote independent living and the attainment of personal aspirations.  Also, to initiate projects that address social and economic inequalities, thereby alleviating poverty and facilitating the social integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society.

False Bay Hospital Association

Contributed R93 800
To supply and install sterilizer and filter system

False Bay Hospital Association was established as a body corporate with an identity and existence distinct from its members or office-bearers. The Association's objectives are 1) to do anything conductive to the comfort and welfare of patients and their dependents which is necessary to supplement what is done for them by the hospital, and 2) to assist in the provision of amenities for the staff where this may be desirable in the interests of patients.

Steps Charity NPC

Contributed R200 000
To support partner clubfoot clinics

Steps Charity NPC is a registered non-profit organisation established in 2005. Their core purpose is to improve the lives of children born with clubfoot. Steps is based in Cape Town and operates nationally. They are the only organisation working in this space in South Africa. Their outcomes based model focuses on revolutionising clubfoot treatment, building capacity for excellent care, and maximising impact.

The Camissa Arts And Culture Organisation

Contributed R145 000
Payment of Sound and Technical Training, Skills Training and Job Creation

Camissa Solutions CC was established in 2009. This, Level 1 BBBEE business, with a 135% contribution, is a model of successful social entrepreneurship. It has recorded consistent success in all its projects.

Projects are in various stages of development.  All projects have a developmental focus for youth in particular. Developmental activity takes place in targeted communities alongside the commercial activity. All projects are financed by profits accruing from the Camissa Solutions CC, core business.

St Giles

Contributed R72 000
Provision for 3 Carers

St. Giles Association was established in September 1953 with the sole intention of assisting the disabled individual in accepting their disability to enable them to live full happy lives in a world of able-bodied persons. The purpose of each sector of the Association is to provide fellowship and personal growth. All of their social evenings, workshops and events play a very important role in the lives of disabled people, as this encourages them to communicate with their peers and teaches them the necessary skills to eventually find their place in society.

Usapho Foundation

Contributed R257 800
Provision for 1 x Teen Parenting intervention and 2 x Fatherhood Program intervention

Usapho Foundation was established in order to empower families through specific preventative and developmental programs.Families today face many challenges and circumstances that negatively impact on their functioning and the communitiesin which they live. Usapho Foundation have a responsibility to address these factors and make a constructive contribution towards uplifting the youth, children and families.

Positive Parenting (15-30 participants per program): parents and caregivers are recruited within the community to attend the 8 sessions (8 week) program. Of the attendees are unemployed or between jobs and our program assists with not only parenting skills but also empowerment and strengthening self-esteem.

Teen Parenting (15-20 participants per program): the program entails workshops where learners who are pregnant or are already parents are equipped with positive parenting and life skills.

Fatherhood program (10-15 participants per program): this program is aligned with the Positive Parenting program but specifically addresses the influential role of fathers and father figures within communities.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (young school going children): this program is part of our preventative work where they focus on school going learners in both Primary and High Schools. This program assists learners to handle complex feelings and make them aware of the risk of sexual engagement(s) in their relationships, Sex and Sexuality and Emotional readiness of teenagers for sexual relationships.


Gambling only for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll-Free Counselling Line: 0800 006 008. Grandslots is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.


Gambling only for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll-Free Counselling Line: 0800 006 008. Sun Slots is licensed by the National Gambling Board.